Aladin Pocket Frame

The ALADIN POCKET FRAME panels are custom-made and can be integrated into the most common systems of sliding pocket doors.
The ALADIN POCKET FRAME MONO panels have a glass applied on one side of the frame so that one side has a flush surface whilst the other is rebated from the aluminium frame. The glass, available in a wide range of finishes, can be monolithic tempered 6 mm as a single piece or laminated 3 + 3 mm.
The ALADIN POCKET FRAME DUO panels have 4 mm thick tempered glass applied on both faces of the frame, so as to form a volume with an internal air chamber.
Stoneware panels are as well available for both versions and wooden ones only for Aladin Duo.
The door is supplied with telescopic aluminium jambs, from 90 up to 110 mm, in the same finish as the door frame. For larger dimensions, additional costs as specified must be taken into consideration. The two versions can be provided with or without lock. Subframes for plasterboard or brick walls can be provided on demand.

The glass is available in a wide range of finishes and it is certified according to the safety regulations ANSI Z97.1 and UNI ENI 2150.


Design Piero Lissoni