Aladin Spin

ALADIN SPIN is a panel with a vertical pivoting revolving movement, with adjustable pivot hinges, which lends itself to numerous design solutions. The door with no stop always has a bidirectional opening and is available with a central or offset pivot. The version with central pivot has a rotation of 360 degrees.
By placing two or more panels side by side, you can configure partially or totally openable partitions. The perfect alignment of the panels is guaranteed by a magnetic system.
In the ALADIN SPIN MONO version, a glass is applied on one side of an aluminum frame, available in five finishes, so as to have a face with a flush surface and the other with a recessed surface with respect to the perimeter frame. The glass can be 6 mm tempered monolithic or 3 + 3 mm laminated, In the ALADIN SPIN DUO version, two 4 mm thick tempered glass is applied to both sides of an aluminum frame, available in five finishes, to form a volume with an internal air chamber.
Stoneware panels are as well available for both versions and wooden ones only for Aladin Duo.
The body of the upper hinge is housed inside an aluminum profile, to be inserted flush with the false ceiling and painted as per the wall finish.

The glass is available in a wide range of finishes and it is certified according to the safety regulations ANSI Z97.1 and UNI ENI 2150.


Design Piero Lissoni