Bumper is a soft sculpture: a presence plied out of polyurethane with painstaking care for details and quality workmanship capable of enhancing the value of the curves. It is built on three overlapping levels of comfort – base, seat and backrest – that determine the distinctive stylistic feature of the design.

It can easily be fitted in the middle of the room, thanks to the three-level concept that continues also at the rear, making this sofa appear and feel utterly comfortable.

The seat is a single generously-sized, deep cushion, the backrest is low and bulky in keeping with the armrests, outlining a curved profile and an enveloping shape which welcomes and invites its user to sit back and relax.

The freely-positionable support cushions are padded with recycled and recyclable polyester chips and provide appropriate back support for a more formal front-facing seating position.

he sofa is available in the monobloc and modular versions, developed in a system which includes various end and corner modules, extended armchairs and poufs, to create corner and linear solutions that accommodate various space requirements, in both the residential and the contract & retail industries.


Design Calvi Brambilla – 2023