Element Round

Designed by Foster+ Partner, the Element Office Collection aims to channel the fluid nature of contemporary offices, where flexibility is key.
Element 02 has been designed to optimise the activities of transit staff, informal meetings, small work groups and operational meetings. The large, circular worktop is available in a range of different finishes and can be equipped with a tower to facilitate access to power and data connections. The central structure makes it possible to alter the height of the worktop, thus enabling different ways of working, with both seated and standing configurations available.
The table is supported by a center steel column equipped with an electrically-controlled vertical telescopic device in the base, controlled
by a handy lever, which allows the table height to be quickly adjusted from 65.5 cm to 124 cm, making it easy to use the table in a variety of
ways, seated or standing, individually or as a group. The table top can be fitted with a cable housing tower that sits flush with the worksurface and can be raised as needed to provide every worker with immediate access to power and data connections. A stop mechanism blocks motion of the tower when cables are connected to its outlets.


Design Foster & Partners