An innovative executive desk with fluid and linear lines, which create a unique design and an exceptional structure.

The work surface merges into the only leg, as if it were the nib of a seismograph that gently registers the earthquakes of discussions. It is plain that it is not the usual kind of “manager’s desk” with a clear separation between the front-façade and the back-operational.

Its leaf shape allows to gauge the distances between the two opposite sides. It is possible to mutually come closer or move away without giving up the contact with the “negotiating table”, and therefore without interrupting the dialogue or abandoning its own position. Also the arrangement of the drawers highlights the respect of the positions, since both sides have a handy sliding shelf and the availability of a large series of drawers equipped with an independent opening system so that they can be opened 360°.

The top is available in ebony macassar, sapele pommelle mahogany or saddle leather, both with the possibility to add a cable holder and adaptor. The versatility of Erasmo can be seen from its accessories: the modesty panel is attached to the furniture to hide the legs of the person sitting there from the person sitting opposite.