Flatiron fully satisfies a multiplicity of roles. A presentational desk, writing desk, table: in every guise it comes across as a significant element thanks to the powerful sculptural expression of the harmonious, rigorous and elementary shapes and volumes. The shape of the body is a reference to the famous Flatiron Building skyscraper in New York: with a new formal line of semi-abstract inspiration, the softness of the surfaces and the shape of the rounded parallelepiped legs fit into the formal continuum of the wooden top with its organic lines. Flatiron’s aesthetic lexicon gives it a leading role not just in the panorama of professional executive furniture, but also in prestigious representative dining and living environments. A characteristic feature of the Flatiron top is the metal insert, an extension of the leg which, in addition to its aesthetic function, can also perform a practical one: the insert has a cable slot that allows the desk top to be kept tidy.

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