A sound of memory. For many it recalls a memory.

A light, a glow. The security of what used to be and what accompanies us in the present to take us further.

This family of furniture brings together, with its soft and reassuring but not obvious form, all the delicacy of the past, but reinterprets it with a current flavor that fits well into different living and dining contexts. The play created between the upper and lower levels interprets the concept of storage in a different key.

In fact, Kamai is not characterized by a monolithic volume, but by a play of surfaces that encloses and preserves our objects. The softness of these elements plays with a formal contrast in comparison to the inner part, always precise and rigorous, but enclosed, even on the verticals by gentle shapes that recall those of the top and base.

Kamai takes advantage of this dualism by emphasizing it through changes of finishes or attenuating it through the use of a single material, so that it can be dressed for each type of customer’s aesthetic requirement.

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Designed by Adele Martelli