Leonardo is a table “of the memory”, being the archetype of worktables on trestles. Its design reflects the philosophy of his designer according to whom “design has always existed and the best objects are those not signed by the architects”. This product resembles the elements of Zanotta’s production philosophy: essentiality, simplicity, best quality of the materials, excellence of workmanship, care to detail.

It must have been the conversations and the thinking, as well as the excursions and the fun, between Cici and Pipo (Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni), and the leadership and educated prompts of someone who had a critical eye for the world, such as Michelino (Provinciali), to make even Aurelio (Zanotta) fall in love with the idea of using a work table sawhorse, and combine it with some typical constructive details of a carpenter’s bench, so to create a perfect work of high cabinetry, which looks as if it has been here since forever.


Design Achille Castiglioni – 1969