In 1999, continuing a now consolidated research on the leading topic of chairs with an aluminium frame, Zanotta presented the chair Lia that proved to be innovative due to the increasingly advanced use of die-casting: the chair side is made of one single element in aluminium alloy which holds the front and back legs and the chair back. Roberto Barbieri’s skill in designing this chair was also that of expertly merging an important technological innovation with a neutral, unimposing idea of shape which can easily adapt to any environment and furniture style.

He always started from the Thonet no. 14, chair par excellence, and from that model of comfort of the double-arched backrest, both on the vertical and horizontal axes. With those certainties as his starting point, he then experimented with new possibilities of construction, sharing his challenges to create new achievements with the company.



Design Roberto Barbieri – 1998, 1999