Parallel Brain

Colourful and cerebral, Parallel Brain’s designer Michael Young offers a warm, textured, tufted rug that is not only meant to elevate one’s interior design, but also to provoke thought. Inspired by the chemical response of two opposing liquids pushing and pulling against one another, the rug features an elaborate, labyrinth-like array of interlocking geometric patterns. This pattern utilizes Limited Edition’s new “seasilk” material, inspired by Young’s time in Asia and his passion to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fantastic ways. The organic substance, made from seaweed, gives Parallel Brain a soft, shiny texture while also ensuring water resistance and longevity.

Composition & Production

  • Tuft
  • 100% seasilk

All sizes can be made to measure
Maximum size: 4,85 x 9,9 m

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