Sherazade Wall Patchwork

Sherazade Wall Patchwork is a floor-to-ceiling partition wall made by juxtaposing and fixing panels divided into four squares through a click system, in which different types of monolithic tempered glass mm. 6 or laminated mm. 3 + 3. These panels are inserted and secured inside aluminum profiles, equipped with adjustments to compensate the irregularities of construction. All the models of Glas Italia hinged and sliding doors can be integrated into the system, coordinated with the same finishes or with different finishes (attention, not all types of glass available in every door model, can be used in the Wall System). The aluminum profiles and components are supplied in five different finishes. The glass, available in a very wide range of finishes, are certified according to the ANSI Z97.1 and UNI EN12150 safety standards (except for 533. Retinato).


Design by Piero Lissoni