The name of the family of armchairs is inspired by the figure of the Doge, the head of government at the time of the Venetian “La Serenissima” Republic. The presence of two flaps that wrap around the seat starting from the armrest are reminiscent of the Doge’s headgear, giving the armchair’s shape a sense of distinction and authority. The evocation of a 1970s aesthetic, together with an explicit sense of modernity in concept and material, puts the Doge in a world where elegance and simplicity of design reign supreme. The Doge armchair is available in three models. The armchair with upholstered base imbues the configuration with a sense of compactness and balance in proportions and offers a sense of comfort from the first glance every time it is used. The other two variants are light and raised: the one is more modernist, with a central four-legged base and swivel mechanism while the other has striking solid wood legs. The three different versions convey an immediate personal confidentiality in their appearance, revealing themselves to be casual yet elegant both in residential furnishings and in the world of hospitality.

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