Large modular tables for meeting and conference rooms and flexible
collective spaces, designed to foster collaboration and the sharing
of resources.
The two basic components of Element 03 – a center module with a
bridge-like structure and an overhanging top – can be combined to
create a single table of any desired length.
The geometry of the structural system permits the end sections of the
tabletop to overhang by 120 cm on each side without compromising
performance in terms of stability and stiffness. The contoured legs
taper downwards, with a larger section just below the top and a smaller
section near the floor.
The structure is entirely in painted aluminum.
Covered by extraclear, back-painted, satin-finished safety glass or
with a wood finish, the table top is fitted with a series of functional
accessories that can be accessed directly by means of a center cable
raceway, including: HDMI connections for high-quality video data, USB
connections, access hatches to electrical outlets, and connection points
for recharging smart phones and tablets. The cables are fed to the cable
raceway through one of the legs.


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