Designed for Tecno by Luca Scacchetti, Ianus is a collection of managerial office furniture that includes desks, drawer units, tables and cabinets. The collection is rich in stylish details, boasts a striking classical design, and is made from hand crafted solid wood.

The various elements in the collection can be combined to create individual workstations with open or panel bases and various meeting configurations for small rooms and large, prestige environments too. All solutions feature a characteristicshaped edge in solid wood, but can be customised in size and finish to meet designer specifications.

The tables can assume various shapes and sizes, including elliptical meeting tables, square structures and bases with round tops and meeting tables with rectangularstructures and tops. The finishes are those that Tecno has applied to all its collections in order to facilitate the integration of different products in the same layout.

For the tops, finishes includematt white and dark grey lacquer, and light, medium and dark oak, with grey and dark brown sides. Leather hand-rests can also be included. Table structures come in matt white and dark grey lacquer and dark oak, with dark brown sides.

The series is completed by various sizes of complementary side units and matching cabinets in the same finishes.