Designed by Alain Gilles, the Louver Table reveals its character little by little, offering a different perspective depending on the angle from which it is observed. With its strong theatrical presence making it the focal point of any environment, the Louver Table interprets the vision of the designer, who wants to evoke an imaginary passage, ideally the entrance to an ancient temple, in which light plays a crucial role in creating suggestive shadows on the floor. The three legs give the table a feeling of dynamism, allowing the light to create fascinating perspective effects which make the legs appear either slender or imposing, delicate curves or generous shapes, depending on the point from which you look at it. The design of the table is enhanced by the different finishes available, both in the single-material and multi-material versions. The single-material version is available in hand-trowelled clay or with a wooden top and base. Alternatively, it is possible to choose from numerous variations: the top is available in ceramic, marble or wood and can be combined with a metal or wooden base (Louver Table Wood), creating a contrast of considerable scenic impact with the solid elements of the base.


Design by Alain Gilles