The headboard and bed frame are distinctive elements of
Saddle bed: folded over themselves, they bring to mind the
form of a saddle, which gives the name to this family designed
by Giuseppe Viganò. Characterising the bed’s headboard are
the signs of the quilting and the precious leather insert,
reprised also in the bed frame, which allows a singular play of
materials and combinations that create an appealing optical
effect and emphasise the extreme attention to detail. The figure
of the bed is made even lighter by the feet in painted metal
available in numerous finishes. Alternatively, it is possible to
choose among other different versions: Saddle bed hi with an
even higher headboard, Saddle bed plus with a thicker bed
frame and low feet, and Saddle bed hi plus, which combines
these two variants. The bed is now also available with storage
(Saddle bed open and Saddle bed hi open). The collection is
completed by the Saddle bench with a shaped foot.