A project designed around the office work: flexible and
dynamic, innovative and modern. UniTable is a system of tables
which offers countless interpretations: it responds to a variety
of professional needs with maximum efficiency to become an
executive desk, a double desk, a multistations work area, and a
meeting table of various sizes. UniTable develops around on a
structural element that can be used individually or combined
with other transverse beams, when the need arises to increase
the number of workstations or to change their functional and
aesthetic features.
The supporting beam, which is available in various lengths, is
made of extruded aluminum with polished anodised finish and
a black decorative element. Connection plates link up the
beams and the bases with various inclinations to create
numberless configurations. The bases are made of die-cast
aluminum with glossy finish. Tops are available in a large
variety of shapes and modular dimensions, which are ideal for
both writing-desks and conference tables.