Filly Too, Filly Up Too

Available in three different sizes and in variants with low
backrest (Filly too) or high backrest (Filly up too), it is a stool
that can meet the needs of functionality and comfort even of
the most demanding people. In the version upholstered entirely
in fabric, leather, eco-leather or emery leather, it shows a more
understated face; instead, it reveals a more dynamic look in the
variant with the original metal legs visible. The Filly collection,
in addition to the stool, is expressed also in the following
versions, for a functional and aesthetically consistent result:
chair with a low backrest (Filly), with a higher backrest for
increased comfort (Filly up) with a wider and more generous
seat (Filly large), with a high backrest and large seat (Filly large
up), or with armrests (Miss Filly and Miss Filly up). In this way, it
is possible choose the model that best suits individual needs
without giving up the unmistakable style of Filly.