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The NYC AwardxDesign given to the Zanotta Dan chair and Tucano writing desk

Zanotta Dan chair

We are proud to announce that two products from the Zanotta collection – the Dan chair for the “Contract seating” category and the Tucano desk for the “Residential desk” category – have won the NYCxDesign Award promoted by the Interior Design Magazine.
For the second year in a row, on May 18th the award ceremony of the NYCxAwards 2021 was broadcast in front of a virtual audience on Sandow’s Design TV as well as Interior Design Magazines Facebook Live, with a selection of the best projects and products that stand out in the main categories and themes of design. This year 553 nominations were selected by Cindy Allen (editor-in-chief) and her jury.
We are very honoured to be awarded for the “Contract seating” category, where the Dan chair (design Patrick Jouin, 2020) took the top prize. Defined by a playfully minimalist frame of tubular bent steel – available in grey and matte black finishes – Dan was conceived for custom outfitting with colourful elastic belts, stretched directly across its lithe structure. Its polyester belts – offered in yellow, string, anthracite and blue, serve as something of an open canvas, welcoming personalization by the end-user in the form of custom-printed graphics and text. The result becomes an opportunity for virtually endless personal expression: a branding tool for companies, or a chance for individuals to articulate a more personal message. Epitomizing design’s individualistic nature, Dan stands out in its category as a singular medium for communication.
In the “Residential Desk” category the Tucano desk was pronounced the winner. This project represents a sophisticated, pragmatically sized work-from-home solution, equally well-suited to contract and hospitality settings. Its deceptively simple frame, tubular, matte black finished steel provides support for a trim but supple surface crafted of natural cowhide which overlays the structure. Visible rivets become a playful decorative element, connecting cowhide flaps across the desktop frame. Over time, with wear and weathering, the cowhide will take on a warm patina, rendering Tucano – like so many of Zanotta’s enduring icons – an inevitable heirloom in the making